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NUMBER 7 – Always have other products to sell (back-end)

Most companies tend to spend most (or all) of their marketing budget on attracting new customers. Not realizing that a company’s biggest profits come from introducing new products or promotions to its existing customers. Your customers already know you and know the quality of the products you provide. And if they keep buying, it is because they trust your company and are satisfied with the service you provide.

Remember that if you can get a new customer to buy one more time (let’s say less than 30 days after the initial purchase) then you’ve doubled that customer’s profitability San Marino Email List.

Leaving your clients alone is very dangerous. Your competitors can attract them with offers that are almost impossible to resist. That is why you must have active and regular communication with your clients for mutual benefit.

When you adopt the strategy of forming a long-term professional relationship with your clients, that’s when phenomenal net profits begin to materialize – profits you cannot generate otherwise.

Once they have trusted you enough to buy, you can gradually start offering them your most expensive products. Something very important to note is that your customers will buy again if you have given them a good service – and this includes a good quality product. One of the things you can best invest your money in is to continually improve the quality of your products San Marino Email List and services. All the methods in this report assume that you are offering a good product / service at a reasonable price. If you meet that minimum requirement, you will be rewarded with customers who buy more and more often. Customers who tell their friends why they too should become loyal customers of your company …

Rent your client list
Renting your client list to other non-competitive companies can be a gold mine for you. You can ask for between US $ 150 and US $ 300 per thousand clients… and it is possible to rent it four or five times a month – maybe more.

Who can you rent it to?

Let’s see. For example, let’s say you sell computers. Your customers are also interested in buying office furniture. Therefore you can rent your list to a company that sells this type of furniture. In other words, no matter what product you sell or service you offer, your customers always buy complementary products.

Here are some examples of supported product San Marino Email List lines:

Automotive and mechanical workshop;

Veterinarian and pet store;

Confectionery and bridal shop;

Gym and masseuse;

Carpet seller and carpet cleaning;

Real estate and interior designer;

Plastic surgeon and orthodontist.

You may be able to manage the list yourself, but I advise you to find a company that specializes in managing lists. They will charge you a 20% commission San Marino Email List but it is worth it. To find such a company, look in the Yellow Pages.

Make irresistible offers
The two things that contribute the most to the success of a direct marketing campaign are: the list of people who will receive the promotion and your offer.

The first is very clear – if you offer to sell books in French to people who only speak Chinese, your sales will be zero. The second, the offer, is just as clear – if you try to charge $ 100 for a product that can be bought for $ 1 at your local supermarket, your promotion San Marino Email List is going to fail miserably.

Once you’ve chosen a good list of prospects, making a powerful offer almost ensures the success of your marketing campaign. I’ve seen boring, poorly written ads get saved by a great deal. I don’t have space in this article to go into detail about all aspects of this important topic, but I am going to give you an example of a letter that has created a flood of sales for many of my clients. Here it is…

[Gift] gift just for visiting [Your Business Name]

Dear [customer name],

One of our consultants told me that you visited our business San Marino Email List for the first time last week. And he wanted to write you a few lines to say “Thank you for your visit.”

I appreciate that you have chosen our business to do your shopping. I hope you have found everything you wanted and discovered new things that were to your liking.

I would like you to come back, as we have received new

. Our regular clients have described them as “luxurious but very affordable.”

This is why I am going to make you a special offer …

When you visit us again this month, I’ll give you a free [gift] just for coming back to San Marino Email List [Your Business Name]. And you don’t even have to buy anything! (Although I must tell you that we have a 10% discount on our entire new line for this month.)

Why am I willing to give you a gift [gift]?

The answer is very simple. I know from experience that if you come back a second time, you will choose us for your future purchases over and over again…..

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