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Sales actions to grow and win new markets

2- How many contacts, visits, calls does the seller make to generate a new customer? How you manage time.

The commercialization of products and services demands specialization, clear objectives and action.

There are many types and classes of people dedicated to sales and very few take the activity as a profession.

Sales can be the result of a good advertising or promotional Czechia B2B List campaign and the role of the seller is only limited to receiving that order and charging a commission for that sale. In these cases, we are talking about salon salespeople or picking up orders.

This type of situation occurs in all companies, in which there is no proactive work concept, destined to go out to look for opportunities and to carefully analyze the requirements and needs of the market.

Let’s talk about the star seller.
The star salesperson is the one who stands out in the company due to his personality or training.

He gets results and achieves higher than average goals.

He is always motivated and takes on his job, with love and passion.

He transmits to the clients he visits or contacts, this positive energy, which ensures the best sales within the organization.

His charisma and his ability to understand human behavior allow him to differentiate himself from the rest.

Can you form a star salesperson or a professional salesperson?

The answer is yes.

In the corporate business Czechia B2B List world, charisma and a personable personality are not enough to achieve sales goals.

Any human being who wants to improve and grow can stand out in the field of sales.

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The training takes many years of study and must be accompanied by experience in the field of work.

For this type of professional training, it is ideal to have a good manager or sales director, who can bring to his people, the experience and knowledge of traditional sales techniques that are in all books.

It is also very useful to have the support of sales consultants or coaches, who guide and train salespeople.

The point of view of an external to the organization, provides new alternatives and generates creativity within the work team.

Time management
We know that time is short and limited.

Time is the salesman’s most valuable resource.

It must be used in the best possible way, to avoid distractions and detours.

Sales must be achieved and for this, time is short.

The answer to time management is found in the planning of the agenda.

If the working day is 8 hours a day, for 5 days a week Czechia B2B List, we have to methodically define what time to allocate to the sales activity.

First step: Setting up a database, with 50 0 100 potential companies to contact. Target market or TARGET of the business.

The companies selected to be contacted have to qualify, according to the product to be marketed.

For instance:

A company dedicated to providing truck and cargo vehicle monitoring services with a GPS satellite system must have a potential customer base in the logistics and transportation sector.

A company that integrates CCTV security systems, alarms, access control, will organize its actions at TARGET: banks, financial companies, commercial offices, warehouses of valuable goods, factories with a certain size or number of operators.

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Planning is essential to start working.

It allows you to conceptualize the business Czechia B2B List and see it, from a general market perspective.

There is a phrase that sums up this thought and that is applied in many aspects of professional life: “for a sailboat or boat without direction, no wind is favorable”.

Going back to the database:

In this database, enter: Company, Telephone, Contact, E-mail, Observations.

An excell spreadsheet or something similar is ideal to dump the information.

What questions does the professional salesperson ask himself to plan the work day:

How many calls to potential clients am I going to make per day?
At what times and for how many hours?
How will I organize the information collected so that I can track it?
How many emails am I going to send and with what message?
The design and management of the seller’s database Czechia B2B List will optimize times, reducing downtime and generating greater possibilities of closing throughout the month.

The seller’s personalized database Czechia B2B List,

The objective of the seller is to gain a deep understanding of the needs of his potential client. What is the real problem you have. With that key information, you will build the solution and present it. The client will feel recognized and relieved at the proposed solution.

The professional salesperson does not impose his product Czechia B2B List. It makes the customer feel that he is buying a solution to his corporate need.

The professional salesperson is the client’s ally and seeks their satisfaction.

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