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Sales closing techniques

Closing Sales – Closing Techniques
The closing is the act by which an agreement is reached within the sales management.

There are two types of closure: partial or total.

The partial closure is the agreement of a part of the business Dominican Republic Email List and leaves the door open, to continue advancing towards the total agreement of the operation.

Sales management implies a negotiation and depending on the complexity of the agreement to be reached, partial closings are made until the total closure is reached.

The total closing of the sale occurs when the customer pays for the product. If there is no effective payment of the sale, there is no full closing.

The purchase order or the delivery of a check in part payment, does not imply a total closing of the sale. Only the cash or the accreditation of the same in the bank account do it.

Many sellers celebrate the moment they receive the purchase Dominican Republic Email List order or a check in part payment. Disappointment comes if the check is out of funds or the purchase order is voided.

In sales, reality is marked by cash and not promises of payment.

Sales closing techniques

Sales scenario
In the negotiation, both parties seek benefits and a conflict of interest occurs, motivated by obtaining them.

The best negotiator will get the biggest share of the pie.

The skill of the professional salesperson will make Dominican Republic Email List the difference between a good and a bad deal.

In the sales process, emotional and psychological factors intervene. You have to know how to listen and read what the opponent wants to say, to identify the objectives that he is pursuing.

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Harvard University professor Willian Ury, renowned lecturer and negotiator, says that you have to “go up to the balcony” to get a rational and perspective view of all negotiations. He suggests not getting romantically involved with the business, so as not to lose objectivity.

Salesperson mental attitude
The closing of sales, from the point of view of the seller, begins in the mind of the seller. The seller has to be totally convinced of the benefits that his products provide and must win the battle within himself, before contacting the customer.

If the salesperson is afraid, he must recognize it internally and face it with action. The fear of rejection is one of the problems that all businessmen face Dominican Republic Email List. It is a fear that paralyzes and does not allow us to advance. The successful salesperson is the one who overcomes his fears and launches himself with a winning attitude to the conquest. The help of an experienced sales coach is of great importance for all those salespeople who want to improve and continue to grow.

The positive mental attitude is what does half of the successful sales work Dominican Republic Email List. It is earned before starting work.

A positive person manages to achieve what he sets out to do. He knows and feels the closing of the sale beforehand. He transmits that feeling to the client and his environment, generating trust and good thoughts. He attracts fortune with his mind.

In these cases, the closing of sales is the natural result of a well-managed process.

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Customer behavior
The moment the customer receives the contact from the seller, the negotiation and the first partial closing of the sale begin.

If the client perceives an unsafe salesperson, the client will dominate the negotiation and will obtain better benefits for himself.

Non-professional salespeople seek the recognition of the client, providing benefits, even against his own interest. This occurs, for example, in sellers who give a part of their commission for sales, to obtain the order. They do not dare to face the negotiation with height and decision. They always say yes to customer requests and they take advantage of the situation.

An unprofessional salesperson grants greater discounts, payment terms, and bonuses Dominican Republic Email List. It is the obligation of the commercial manager of the company, to detect these types of situations, to correct them and train the seller.

Reasons why sales are not closed
Many sellers complain, and say they fail to close.

The closing is not something magical. It is the consequence of an entire well-run comprehensive sales process.

If the closure fails, the entire process that is carried out must be studied and any errors made must be detected.

Detecting errors in the sales process is complex in many cases.

Mistakes are made due to lack of professionalism and / or ignorance.

If it becomes difficult to recognize errors, it is suggested to consult Dominican Republic Email List a specialist external to the organization, so that they can offer their point of view. Always an external vision and perspective, generates changes and improvements in business processes.

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Some Sellers Mistakes

  • Speaking instead of listening: the salesperson who speaks and displays a monologue in front of the client, cannot meet the needs that the client has and for this reason, does not close sales.

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