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Secrets to Network Marketing Lead Generation – How to Create Your Own

Perhaps the worst investment you could make when starting a network marketing business is spending hundreds or even thousands on “leads” sold or leased commercially.

There’s nothing wrong with these lists of names and phone numbers – except that they were put together by a company whose primary concern was to come up with a list of people with contact details.

They may have been screened or verified to the point of proving that the person does exist, and that the mailing address and phone numbers are correct, but there is no way that a lead-generating company could ascertain that these lists of people are the right ones for the kind of business you have.

These generic and untargeted leads will not give you much of a head start, as being what they are – random listings of people ارقام هواتف ماليزيا who probably signed up for a raffle entry to a free trip to Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia – they often end up uninterested and unresponsive.

Besides that, bear in mind that these leads are sold all around. Your chances of landing a generated listing of leads that have already been rented or purchased by another network marketer is probably more than 1 in every 5.

The Best Network Lead Generator: Yourself

It comes as a shock to network marketers that they don’t actually need to spend so much on renting out generated lists and calling them one by one. As a business owner, it would be more ideal if you yourself handled the network lead generating aspect of the business.

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For one, it could save you a huge amount of money and effort. If you do away with the hours spent on calling unsuccessful leads, that could very well be used for other more productive activities such as writing helpful articles or blog entries (but those topics will be discussed at length a bit later); or sending your customers personalized emails.
Best of all, doing your own lead generating allows you to select your target market, even narrowing it down to specific demographic break-downs which you think are most likely to buy respond to your products and services offerings.

So how and where do you start?

Look no further than your home computer to start generating network marketing leads. The world wide web is an open and equal opportunity arena for both seasoned and emerging network marketers.

Here Are Four Network Lead Generating Plans You Can Do on Your Own:

1. Set up a website and several landing pages for sign ups

Having your presence firmly etched online is crucial to your task of network lead generating. It is here that you start building your brand to millions of people who go online everyday.

Landing pages or sign up pages, as they are commonly referred to, are separate individual pages which may or may not link to the company website, but nonetheless contain information about your company and your business. You may, for example, offer to send people free articles on a weekly or bi-weekly basis on the topics they’ve signed up to receive on your sign up page.

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2. Effective Ad/Marketing campaign:

As a network marketer, you benefit form sign up exchanges because you are able to store names, email addresses and sometimes even physical addresses with the owners full consent, This will now leave you free to market or advertise to them for free, so use this opportunity wisely. The trick is not having them sign up – its about keeping them interested in what your offer to the point of translating a generated lead to a confirmed sale.

3. Get them Hooked on Content – Emails, Newsletters, Blogs, Forums and compelling articles

If this is what you promised to give them in exchange for signing up, then by all means you must deliver. This is the one part of the four-point plan where you can hire someone to do the job.

Depending on how fast your website and sign up pages are generating leads, you can start with an extra one or two writers to help run this phase for you.

4. Give Incentives, Referral Points and Affiliate Bonuses

Try to give a little something back to your clients from time to time. It doesn’t have to be extravagant- maybe a 20 percent discount or free token items with your logo and name. You may also set up a referral bonus plan, wherein your clients’ or mailing list will be given rewards for friends they have brought in to receive the service too. You could also encourage your customers to become affiliates by having them sponsor a similar sign up page on their websites.

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If you would like to find more information about how you can successfully grow your network marketing business using the internet, follow the “Internet MLM Success” link in the resource box.

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