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The first paragraph

It is also important to pay attention to the first and second paragraphs below the opening salutation. Many sales letters fail at this point by not paying proper attention.
Remember that the reader is only interested in himself, so if in the first paragraphs you do not detail how your product can change his life or work Paraguay Email List, he will fail. So in the first paragraph continue talking about benefits.

The body of your sales letter

Explain how your product will give you that benefit, how and why it will change your life by having it. Always speak in the second person and singular, you are addressing a single person not a group.
Also remember that you should write your Paraguay Email List sales letter in the same way that you normally speak, do not use complicated words or technical language, the reader may not understand them.

The body of your sales letter should be made up of short paragraphs, separated by subheadings or phrases that connect the previous paragraph to the next, so that the reader can progress through your sales letter without getting bored.

They should be short sentences, with simple words. Grab attention and always give a good reason to read the next paragraph.

The effect of bulleted lists

All successful sales letters have one thing in common: bulleted lists. They use them to highlight the benefits of their products, or to list what you will get when you order.

By looking at one benefit after another, clearly explained Paraguay Email List, the reader gets an idea of ​​what that product can do for him.

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The benefits of a product are not its characteristics. All readers are only interested in the benefits they can get from your product, and what better than a bulleted list to list them one by one.

Think of all the benefits your customer can get from your product Paraguay Email List, list them all, don’t omit any.

The benefits make the success of a sales letter, since they cause an excitement effect on the reader. Remember that of all the benefits that you have written, you must choose one as the main or key benefit, this must be the most important, the one that solves a common and annoying problem in your niche, or that allows you to perform a task more quickly or easy.

This key benefit should appear in the headline of your sales letter, and can be repeated in the bulleted list of benefits and even in the postscript as well.

The power of testimonials

Without short testimonials your sales letter is powerless!
Let other people say a few words about your product. If you have not yet requested testimonials from your clients, please do so and record them. Most of your clients will be happy to give you your testimonial, tell them you need an honest opinion.

The testimonials generate a lot of credibility and truthfulness. When it comes to buying a product for your new client, they are very interested in the opinion of third parties who already know that product, and if those other people think that the product is good, it generates a very positive feeling at the time of purchase.

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So, be sure to use real testimonials in your sales letter, they are very positive.

If you want to add more credibility still let your visitor know about you and your company. Your prospects will always have the fear of not knowing if behind your website Paraguay Email List there is a serious and responsible company or just a hacker trying to screw you up or scam you. Therefore, it is a good idea to tell him a little about yourself, who you are, what you do, your experience in your target market area, etc, etc.

Presenting the offer

You have successfully described the benefits of your product, now is the time to tell your reader how to purchase this fantastic product.

Make a detailed offer, explain what you will get when you make your purchase, what format your product is in, how it will be delivered. If you have a special promotion Paraguay Email List for a limited time, this is the time to detail it.

Guarantees: Generating security

Customers are never sure, they are afraid of making a mistake, especially when it comes to spending money. With your guarantee you must give them the necessary confidence to make the purchase.
Offering a full money back is a good option, but remember to do what you promise.

Calling to action

Tell your reader how to order, must you fill out a sales form? Should you call a phone number? Insist that I act now!
Remind them that your promotion is valid only until a certain day (deadline). Make them feel that if they don’t buy your product right now they will be missing Paraguay Email List out on a great opportunity (a discount, free bonuses, etc.).

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Postscripts: What Few Know

Did you know that postscripts are the second part of your sales letter that potential customers read the most? You should take advantage of this space to remember the key benefit (with different shovels

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