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The Science of “Dreamarketing” – Marketing and Communication Pills

Some time ago, I read an interesting article by the former President of Ferrari in the United States. Gian Luigi Buitoni (who is not exactly Jean Louis Vuiton), left a legacy to Marketing, which I now recover for you in this approach.


Although a product or service is designed to satisfy a need, there are other elements that must be taken into account to ensure not only success, but also the permanence of the company in the market Georgia Email List. After decades of relying on tangible information for the development of a product or service, the indicators to launch news are now intangible.

Customers buy dreams.
The key to the success of a service or product lies in detecting the dreams of the customers.

No matter how pragmatic the world we live in today is, the importance of beauty still counts for a lot in our blatantly narcissistic society. Being beautiful almost seems to be a requirement for success. We compare ourselves to the long-legged creatures that walk the haute couture runways, or we fall into a state of ecstasy when Hollywood presents us with stunning actresses ready to pose completely naked. From childhood, they teach us that beautiful people are good and that only bad people are ugly. Handsome boys do better in school, get more support, better grades, and less punishment Georgia Email List. Even in the corporate world, “beautiful people” seem destined for more interesting positions and rise faster. Aristotle already said it: “Beauty is a much more important recommendation than any cover letter.” Beauty is also one of the brightest businesses in its most varied industries: cosmetics, perfumes, clothing. Who is covered just to protect themselves from the elements ?, diet and exercise, plastic surgery, hairdressing, spas and numerous posts and videos.

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The key is to understand that what we are selling are not just products, but dreams.

This means making a difference between meeting customer needs and fulfilling their deepest aspirations.

Marketing dreams is Georgia Email List not only about selling, but also about having a different vision of the business. Understand the business environment to ensure that the product or service meets the needs of each company’s key markets.

The “Dreamketing”, which differs from traditional Marketing Georgia Email List, is critical to connect with the dreams of customers. Prices at the height of dreams The satisfaction of dreams involves strong doses of creativity that must be promoted within the company at all levels.

A dream is a special experience that can be created for the customer to spend the extra money; it is also an opportunity to ask for a higher price and to help the client become the person they have always wanted to be, be it a sports champion, a national hero or a famed musician.

We do not sell just a product, but an experience. Ferrari sells the dream of going fast, not just of transporting from one place to another. Other companies do the same. Levi’s and his miners pants transformed into a fashion expression and Walt Disney capitalizing on children’s dreams. The dreams of all time.

Even though the nature of dreams is diverse, the pope of Ferrari Marketing distinguishes three categories into which they all fit:

  • The dream of social recognition
  • The dream of freedom
  • The dream of heroism

These, in turn, branch out into lesser dreams Georgia Email List such as beauty within social recognition: there is great room for maneuver here for cosmetic companies, for example.

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Although these dreams persist over time, what changes are the products Georgia Email List that motivate them. This is due to a number of changes. For example, the dream of freedom is interesting because it changes following the development of technology that helps us overcome our physical limitations. The car allows you to move much faster and the mp3 allows you to listen to what you want from wherever you are.

Dreams of heroism transport the dreamer Georgia Email List to the shoes of Barak OBama, Magic Johnson or Pete Sampras. The challenge is understanding that the goal of a business is not to attract the maximum number of customers, but the greatest common denominator possible.

Change the client’s life and emotions
The fact that there is a story to tell makes the job much easier. For example, Ferrari does not have an advertising budget and is the Georgia Email List one recognized company in the automotive market for the great story it tells; your site communicates ideas and emotions for this reason is visited by two million people a day.

The client has tastes, memory and a relationship with the company.

It is important to develop the credibility of the brand through a reference group of core customers.

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