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The Selling Process (Effective Selling Strategies) – by Brian Tracy

Selling is the process of persuading a person that a certain product or service, at the fixed price, is of superior value to them. For the buyer to decide on a certain product Ghana Email List or service, he must be convinced that it is not only the best option, but also that there is no better way to spend the equivalent amount of money that he costs.

Today’s buyers are smarter, more knowledgeable than those in the 1950s. They are more experienced and have dealt with hundreds of sellers. They are demanding and aware of the wide variety of products and services, and they know the weaknesses and strengths of each and every one of these

products. Many are more skilled and more educated Ghana Email List. They are oversaturated with their work. All this makes the profession of selling today require a high level of preparation.

Our competitors are affected by the same limitations: smaller markets, lower levels of sales and customers who know how to choose better. Our potential clients are subjected to multiple sales offers.

The ultimate purpose of a business Ghana Email List is to create and retain a customer. If this fact is achieved enough times and with the appropriate costs, it will be possible to make profits. As a sales professional, your job should be to create and maintain the right number of customers.

Brian tracy
Greater obstacles to purchase.
Fear is a self-feeding component. It leads us to question our own potential and our possibilities. It leads us to interpret the facts and circumstances in a negative way.

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Ignorance is the breeding ground for fear. When you don’t understand something, or don’t know how to do something, you tend to feel uncomfortable and even fearful about that something.

If the biggest obstacle to the sale is the fear of rejection, experienced by a salesperson, the biggest obstacle to the purchase is the fear of error, experienced by the customer. The knee-jerk reaction of potential customers to a salesperson is to see you as someone trying to sell you anything that costs too much, too much, and doesn’t work as promised Ghana Email List. Initial resistance is something to be expected due to fear of making the wrong decisions.

The deciding factor: risk.
There are four factors that contribute to the development of risk perception in the mind and heart of the buyer. The first is the importance of the purchase. The higher it is, the more money is involved, the greater the risk.

The second factor is the number of people who will be affected by the purchase decision. Virtually all complex purchasing decisions involve a considerable Ghana Email List of people. There are the users of the product, those who pay for it, who depend on the expected results, the reputation of the one who makes the final decision.

The third factor is the life span of the product. A product that, once installed, should last for several years, generates a greater feeling of risk.

The fourth factor is the buyer’s unfamiliarity with you, your business Ghana Email List, your product or service, and what it all represents.

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In any case, you should be able to overcome the buyer’s fears. Successful salespeople are those who present their products or services as low-risk items, capable of meeting individual needs or achieving specific customer goals. Your job is to appear as the lowest-risk provider Ghana Email List, and not necessarily the lowest-priced provider.

The old Sales model
The old way of understanding the sales process divided the entire process into four stages.

The first part of the process represented 10% of the total commercial transaction. It consisted of approaching and capturing the attention of the potential buyer. One had to go directly to the object of the visit.
The second, 20% of the sales process, was the qualification phase Ghana Email List. In it, a wide variety of techniques had to be used to determine if the potential buyer had enough money to be able to close the sale, before making the presentation.
The third part of the old model that represented up to 30% of the sales process, was the presentation. The purpose was to show the characteristics of the product or service and the benefits that the potential buyer would obtain as a result of the purchase.
The fourth part of the sales process on the old model was closing. This represented 40% of the traditional sales process.
Starting in the 80s there was a great change, the triangle was inverted.

The new Sales model
In the new model, there are still four phases in the sales process with the following distribution of importance and time of dedication:

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40% building trust, establishing rapport

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