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The tablet revolution and its great impact on e-commerce

The development of mobile devices is a reality. Both tablets and smartphones play an important role in our daily lives. The smartphone accompanies us practically every moment, it offers us precise information just where we need it, it is our most faithful friend. On the other hand, it is difficult to overcome the Nigeria Mobile Database comfort of using the tablet, which we turn to in moments of leisure and rest, from the tranquility of home.

Here we expose its main differential values:

Tablet users are more likely to visit and buy in online stores

The family environment is the place where this type of mobile device is most used, specifically in the dining room and bedroom; users sit comfortably in their preferred location in the house to navigate with ease and enjoy the navigation experience provided by the smart display.

The increase in website traffic from tablets has increased by no less than 348% in one year. Consequently, the volume of electronic commerce through these pocket screens will increase, to the point that in 2015 it is expected to reach 31 trillion dollars. Unfortunately, less than a third of online stores have optimized their site for tablets (Zmags).

Nigeria Mobile Database

According to TheFind in June, 37% of tablet users admit that they use this device more to buy than a year ago.

Smartphone and tablet sales forecasts reveal the new mobile reality

Marin Software data also reflects the notable increase in the conversion rate of searches through tablets, which is estimated at 31% over the course of 2012. This implies that consumers use this device to search information about those products that they are really interested in, with the intention of buying. The study even expects that at the end of 2013 the conversion rate of the tablet will exceed that of the computer. At the moment the tablet has not surpassed the computer, but it has established itself as a worthy competitor. These smart displays are estimated to represent 45% of the total computer equipment market this year. Specifically, it is expected that this year 119 million tablets will be sold, specifically, 70% of them will be iPads. By 2015, more than half of Internet users will access the network using tablets.

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Advertising on tablets, 250% more profitable than on smartphones

The effectiveness of advertising on tablets has exploded in the last year. Such is the impact of these ads and the benefits for advertisers, that the advertising share on these devices has gone from 9% to 14% in the last year. The use of this device is present throughout the day, although it is especially noticeable at nightfall, the time of rest of the day, when users are in purchase mode. 51% of users prefer their tablet when going to bed.

The Affiliate Window study, published in July, indicates that the conversion rate for tablets is around 5%, compared to 2% for smartphones. Tablets record 18% of clicks, 18.31% of conversions, and 21.3% of revenue, with a conversion rate of 6.53%.

Los usuarios de tabletas compran y también gastan más

The usability and convenience of tablets when searching for information and comparing prices is unrivaled. This makes it the preferred mobile device when completing online purchases. The study published last year by Forrester and Shop.org collected the statement by 45% of companies that the amount of orders from tablets was 28% higher than that of other similar devices.

Tablets are the device of choice for women, the main people responsible for purchases

Tablets triumph among mothers. 35% of them have one, while, on average, only 1 in 4 users has their own (Pew Research).

iOs is the preferred operating system among moms. 77% of these users have an Apple device, while the average in the rest of the population is 60% (Flurry).

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Customers still have serious difficulties shopping online with their tablet

49% of tablet users indicate that it is still difficult to navigate with these devices, as many applications and online stores are still not optimized. Its main complaint is that the shopping experience is not the same as that offered through the web. 35% indicate that they have difficulties when selecting the products they want to buy, 28% when it comes to inserting their personal data and completing the purchase, while 29% find that the images are too small. On the other hand, 68% of those surveyed agree that they would like to use more shopping applications.

Smartphones and tablets compete on the mcommerce podium

E-commerce through mobile devices Brother Cell Phone List is progressing by leaps and bounds. The latest Global Mobile Payments Index, which was released last week, shows an increase of close to 4% in purchases registered through smart screens, which already represent 17.5% of online purchases. Specifically, 9.2% corresponds to smartphones, which in this case were positioned above tablets (8.3%).

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