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Things you should know and do to make your website sell more

A useful website is one that makes you earn money, simple and easy famous people’s cell phone numbers. If you want to make your website sell more and grow your business, your website must attract potential customers who are really interested in what you sell and once there, you must start a relationship.

Your website is the most important pillar of your internet sales strategy. It is the means to gain visibility, publicize your business, your history and your products or services and also, it will make the difference between choosing you and not your competition.
What to do to make your website sell more
If you want your website to attract the right audience and generate leads or direct sales, you have to take several important factors into account:

  1. The name of your business, your website and the url
    The name of your website should be easy to remember and write (which is sometimes not the same). Be very careful when choosing a good domain, make sure it has a clear pronunciation over the phone and is understood. And if it is also short and enlightening, all the better.
  2. Careful, simple and consistent brand design
    Look for simplicity in the design of your website. It can be light or dark depending on what interests you, but look for contrast and simplicity. Your message must reach the user in a direct way without frills, always remember that the goal is to make your website sell.

Do not forget to brush strokes and introduce details with your corporate colors, to bring coherence and elegance to your website. You can even use your corporate color to highlight areas, phrases or buttons that attract the attention of the user.

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Remember, websites with a lot of animations, movements and colors are not efficient, quite the opposite; they are dizzy, distracting and do not communicate. You need users to focus on your message, understand it and convince them. If they are distracted by seeing images and icons that appear and disappear, they will end up leaving your website without knowing what they came for.

  1. A good writing of corporate texts aimed at your buyer persona
    When you write the texts, titles and calls to action of your website, always think about your product or service and how your product helps the user, what problem are you going to solve. Explain the advantages and benefits of your products and convince the user that you are the solution and they don’t have to look any further.

If writing is not your thing, hire a professional copywriter to help you or write your content and who focuses on making your website sell more.

  1. With the user in focus, structure your website so that it is easy to use and navigate
    As we have been saying all the time, your website must be completely oriented to sell, and that also applies to the structure and navigation. Think, where does the user enter? and now help him get where you want him to go. Take him by the hand from the beginning making him enjoy the navigation that everything is fluid until you reach the point that interests you. Either the button to buy a product or a contact form strategically placed to request a quote.
  2. Do not lose sight of the objective of your website, introduce a good CTA
    We do not surf the Internet for the pleasure of visiting web pages, but we are looking for something very specific. Your users know it and you also know what the end goal of your website is.
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Make it clear and make it easy for you up front by introducing a clear and concise call to action. If you want me to reserve something, put a button that says “RESERVE”, if you want to be called, say “CALL NOW”. The easier and less laps you have to do, the better.

  1. If you can’t close the sale online, at least get their emails
    Your website is one in a million and rarely after 2 or 3 minutes browsing your website will they remember your name the next day. It is very likely that even when they search again they end up on a competitor’s website.

So, how could we maintain contact with a user who has entered our website. Well, through his email, offer him something that may interest him and that makes you worthy of his contact information. This can be an ebook, special content sent to your email, or a discount coupon.

The point is, you have to get something that allows you to keep in contact with that user after they have left. If you want to make your website sell more clearly …

  1. Use WordPress so that you can make small modifications without programming knowledge
    Setting up your website from scratch in Worpdress may be too complicated, surely you should spend a lot of time learning how to use wordpress, buy a template full of animations and watch 100 tutorials to make the website look like the one in the Themeforest demo. In the end, it is best to hire a professional to do all the initial development and design of your website, but the good thing is that once your website is ready, socialposts
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