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Top 15 of the best Social Media agencies in Spain

1.- Lola Mullen Lowe
Moving up one place compared to 2019 and taking the first position, we find Lola Mullen Lowe. Lola Mullen Lowe is one of the top creative advertising Mozambique Email List and strategy agencies that is part of the Mullen Lowe Group network, with 90 offices and a presence in more than 65 markets globally. Among its most relevant clients, Unilever stands out.

This agency is not the best in any of the metrics, but it is the most balanced, the one that achieves the best overall mark. Currently, he has more than 10,335 followers on Twitter, 19,531 on Instagram, 27,195 on Facebook, 2,130 on YouTube and more than 29,680 on LinkedIn. Regarding the engagement provided by Metricool, Lola Mullen Lowe found 15.52 on Instagram, 0.68 on Twitter and 0.80 on Facebook (dropping a few points in both engagements compared to last year). In addition, it is one of the 5 agencies on our list that does have a profile on TikTok, although, at the moment, only with 4 followers.

2.- The Pantry
Dropping one position compared to 2019, the Madrid advertising agency La Despensa is placed second in our ranking. An agency that has a large group of “creative ingredients” (and a dog) and has worked with clients such as Burger King, Adidas, Antena 3, EA and Coca Cola among many others.

As of October 1, 2020, it has 19,149 followers on Twitter Mozambique Email List, 20,922 on LinkedIn, 7,613 on Instagram (almost double compared to last year), 1,210 on YouTube and 31,345 on Facebook. Regarding their levels of engagement on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, they are quite positive, with -respectively- 0.61, 29.02 and 0.20.

3.- Social Mood
Going from a fourth to a third place, we find Social Mood Mozambique Email List. The Spanish digital content and creativity agency has worked with brands such as Pringles, Tuenti, L’Oreal and Vichy, among many others. It has two offices in Spain, in Madrid and Barcelona.

His third position was defended by obtaining 13,905 followers on LinkedIn, 31,590 on Twitter, 838 on YouTube, 22,068 on Instagram and 24,909 on Facebook, as well as an engagement on Instagram of 26.29; despite not being that high on Facebook (0.08) or Twitter (0.17). Social Mood also has a presence and activity on TikTok, with -currently- 19 ​​followers.

4.- ImaginaDigital
ImaginaDigital is ranked number 4 (compared to 18 last year); a Digital Marketing Mozambique Email List agency that seeks to strengthen relationships between clients and companies.

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He has 109 followers on LinkedIn, 26,854 on Instagram, 2,586 on Facebook, 183 on YouTube, and 9,833 on Twitter (dropping a few followers compared to last year). It is once again the leading agency on Instagram for the third consecutive year, and manages to be the best positioned on TikTok. Their engagement on Instagram is 14.40, on Facebook it is 1.20 and on Twitter it is 31.69 (being, in the latter, the agency with the highest engagement on our list).

5.- Good Rebels
The Good Rebels agency (formerly known as Creative Territory) loses one position compared to 2019, going from a third place in the 2019 ranking to a fourth in the current year. This agency, created in 1997, has more than 20 years of experience and its 130 “rebels” work distributed among 6 offices in the United Kingdom, Europe and Latin America, although its current work covers more than 60 clients in 9 countries around the world. . Among them, brands such as DIA or Pepe Jeans.

Good Rebels is the agency with the most followers on Twitter and Facebook. It has 28,047 on Linkedin, 153,263 on Twitter, 6,978 on Instagram, 1,520 on YouTube and 48,496 on Facebook (leading the Facebook followers of all our agencies); as we can see, all of them very powerful data. Regarding engagement, it stands with 10.37 on Instagram, 0.02 on Twitter and 0.07 on Facebook.

Creative Territory is now Good Rebels

6.- The Cocktail
TheCocktail, a digital marketing, design and image communication agency in Madrid, Mexico and Colombia increases three places compared to 2019, placing it in fifth position Mozambique Email List. He currently has 41,178 followers on LinkedIn (wow!), 2,587 on Facebook, 3,717 on Twitter and 3,148 on Instagram. As for YouTube, the agency has a profile, but its number of followers is private. It also has 44.17, 1.51 and 1.47 engagement on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook respectively.

7.- Praise
Elogia, belonging to Grupo VIKO, has been offering its services in the digital field since 1999. Elogia has three offices in Spain (Barcelona, ​​Madrid and Vigo) and has long crossed borders with its office located in Mexico City. Elogia is specialized in the concept of Digital Commerce Marketing Mozambique Email List and works on the entire digital scope: SEO, Social Media, ASO, Display, Amazon AMS or RTB, among others. Its clients include Peugeot, Garmin and Boheringer Ingelheim, among others.

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8.- We Are Marketing
The agency specialized in end to end solutions We Are Marketing Mozambique Email List climbs positions with respect to last year, 2019, from a position number 14 Its headquarters are in Madrid, and it has 17 offices around the world such as Italy, United Kingdom, France, Germany, United States, Colombia, Mexico and China among others. Among its clients, Adecco or BBVA.

We Are Marketing increased its number of followers on Twitter (2,739), 2,627 on Facebook, 1,838 on Instagram and 24,116 on LinkedIn. Regarding Instagram engagement, it has 15.66; while, 5.11 for Facebook and 22.44 for Twitter.

WAM acquires LeadClic to enhance its position in Salesforce consulting in Spain

8- Internet Republic
Going up compared to last year, we find Internet República. Founded in 2011 with offices in Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Miami and Mexico City, the Spanish agency has achieved 3,893 followers on LinkedIn, 14,405 on Facebook, 7,114 on Twitter, 272 on YouTube and 1,695 on Instagram, as well as an engagement of 20.99 on Instagram, 1.61 on Twitter and 0.28 on Facebook.

10.- Manifesto
One of the new additions this year to Mozambique Email List of Social Media agencies is Manifiesto, which is defined as an agency with a lot of attitude. Its clients include brands such as Bizum or Codere.

An independent agency, made up of a multidisciplinary team of almost 100 people who, today, has a network of followers of 20,812 on Twitter, 9,715 on LinkedIn, 2,880 on Facebook, 10,670 on Instagram and, at the moment, has no presence in TikTok or YouTube. Regarding engagement data, it counts respectively for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, with 3.14, 0.27 and 12.52.

11- Social Noise
Social Noise has declined since last year, going from ninth to eleventh in 2020, and tying with Imagina Digital. The creative agency and digital marketing consultancy has offices in Madrid and Mexico from where they manage the campaigns of clients such as Absolut, El País and Sony, among others.

As of today, there are more than 18,302 followers on LinkedIn, 2,717 on Instagram, 8,365 on Twitter and 8,042 on Facebook. We didn’t find a trace of Social Noise on TikTok or Youtube… for now! Regarding their engagement levels on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, respectively, they have 20.26, 0.53 and 1.11.

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12.- Wanatop
The Wanatop agency is one of the new additions to our ranking this year, occupying the 12th position. Wanatop, which is defined as that expert agency in Social Media and in the construction of digital strategies by the hand of its multidisciplinary team of experts .

It already has an engagement on Facebook of 10.28 points, the highest in the ranking. Meanwhile, on Instagram this figure rises to 43.45 and on Twitter to 1.09. His followers are 6,257 on Twitter, 1,647 on LinkedIn, 1,414 on Facebook, 351 on YouTube and 1,211 on Instagram.

13.- Mr Burns
Mr. Burns loses several positions from the previous year’s results, going from a 7th position to a 13th this year. The digital communication and online marketing agency has a decade of sustained growth in its offices located in Madrid and Lima (Peru). He has 2,706 followers on Instagram, 23,944 on Facebook, 10,435 on LinkedIn, and 11,208 on Twitter. For its part, the engagement levels it presents are 17.40 on Instagram, 0.13 on Facebook and 0.16 on Twitter.

14.- RocaSalvatella
Taking a big jump and going from a position 21 to a 14, we found the RocaSalvatella agency. A Spanish business and strategic development agency with a presence in Barcelona, ​​Madrid and Bogotá has 12,915 followers on Twitter, 372 on Facebook, 748 on Instagram, 1,210 on YouTube and 11,255 on LinkedIn; perfectly good data. Regarding their engagement levels, we speak of a 66.58 for Instagram and a 0.66 for Twitter, while we do not obtain enough data to calculate that of Facebook.

15.- Thinketers
Thinketers is one of the new additions to our ranking in 2020; and, this year, it occupies position number 15. Among some of its projects, it has worked with brands such as Huawei, Hyundai or Mapfre, among others.

As of October 2020, his followers on social networks are 2,150 on Twitter, 6,260 on LinkedIn, 875 on Facebook, 2,063 on Instagram and, despite having a YouTube profile, we do not have access to the number of followers on this network. For its part Mozambique Email List, TikTok is not yet part of its networks. Regarding their engagement levels, we speak of 3.84 for Facebook, 36.90 for Instagram and 18.50 for Twitter.

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