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Top 23 of the best Social Media agencies in Spain

1- Marketing Paradise
Marketing Paradise are experts in strategy, communication, but at the same time with strong design skills, as well as SEO and Adwords, the Marketing Paradise Nauru Email List agency is ranked number 17 this year.

With 1,831 followers on LinkedIn, 1,561 on Facebook, 4,078 on Instagram (last year it barely reached 1,000), 138 on YouTube and 3,822 on Twitter; and an engagement level of 29.93 on Instagram, 0.60 on Twitter and 2.37 on Facebook.

The digital agency for startups and eCommerce SmartUp has offices in Spain, Mexico, Colombia and Peru, although it has already worked for 50 eCommerces in 30 countries. He has 3,410 followers on Twitter, 1,252 on Facebook, 269 on Instagram, 23 on YouTube, and 2,615 on LinkedIn.

However, its level of engagement on Instagram is the highest of all agencies with 93.87, it reaches 6.30 on Facebook (the latter, quite similar to last year) and 4.63 on Twitter. Without a doubt, an agency that does quite well when it comes to engaging its community Nauru Email List.

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3- The Social Media Family
The Social Media Family defines itself as an Online Marketing consultancy born in Madrid and that almost 10 years later continues to offer quality services for its clients.

Currently, it has 1,839 followers on LinkedIn, 5,195 on Twitter, 1,894 on Facebook and 429 on Instagram. The Social Media Family is among those 5 agencies on Nauru Email List with a presence on TikTok, although -for the moment- only with 9 followers. In terms of engagement levels: 4.04 on Facebook, 0.23 on Twitter and 41.35 on Instagram.

4- Thankium

Thankium agency is a creative agency that develops strategy and professional communication for its brands. Currently, he has 2,011 followers on LinkedIn, 850 on Twitter, 1,061 on Facebook and 688 on Instagram. And, regarding their level of engagement Nauru Email List, we speak of 38.52 on Instagram and 7.35 on Facebook. At the moment, no sign of Thankium on TikTok.

5- 101
The Spanish agency specializing in advertising strategies 101 has, as of October 2020, 2,767 followers on LinkedIn, 8,022 on Twitter, 4,086 on Facebook, 702 on YouTube and 573 on Instagram. And his level of engagement on Instagram is 59.34. For its part, we do not have enough information to calculate the agency’s Facebook and Twitter engagement.

6- Arnold Madrid
The comprehensive advertising agency that belongs to Havas Group, Arnold Madrid appears in our ranking, rising from position number 27 last year. Regarding his social networks, account -as of October 2020- with 2,774 followers on Twitter (1.15 of engagement), 2,355 on Facebook (1.73 of engagement), 1,340 on Instagram (53.48 of engagement) and 2,264 on LinkedIn.

7- Relevant Traffic
From place number 19, we find Relevant Traffic. This Social Media agency in Spain was founded in 1995 and has 4,648 followers on LinkedIn, 717 on Facebook, 418 on Instagram and 1,495 on Twitter. In turn, their engagement levels on Instagram Nauru Email List, Twitter and Facebook are, respectively, 82.07, 1.37 and 6.76. At the moment, Relevant Traffic does not have a TikTok or YouTube profile, or at least one that we have found.

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Instagram Spain (almost) doubled its number of users in two years (The Social Media Family, 2018)

8- K-digital
K-digital is a young company that focuses its activity on comprehensive communication, offering a 360º service to its customers. In the current year, it is in a position number 25, compared to 3 points higher than it was in 2019. As of October 2020, it has 1,365 followers on LinkedIn, 791 on Twitter, 4,152 on Facebook, 9 on YouTube and 3,998 on Instagram. Likewise, their engagement levels on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook are 6.82, 3.33 and 0.61 respectively.

9- Gestazion
The online marketing agency Gestazion specialized in solutions and digital platforms has lost only two positions in relation to the previous year in Nauru Email List of the best Social Media agencies in Spain and, this year, it tied in terms of position number with K- digital. He has 3,250 followers on LinkedIn, 1,575 on Facebook, 39 on YouTube and 272 on Instagram and 18,989 on Twitter. On the other hand, the engagement it generates on Facebook is 0.09, 66.18 on Instagram and 0.02 on Twitter.

10- Buzz Marketing Networks
The Buzz Marketing Networks agency founded 9 years ago and which has clients in more than 10 countries has dropped a few places in our ranking this year, going from 20 to 27 this year in 2019. He has 7,443 followers on LinkedIn, 9,583 on Facebook, 1,072 on Instagram, and 2,251 on Twitter.

11- Kanlli
Keeping with the same position of its ranking in 2019 (number 28), we have the Kanlli agency, which has a presence in Spain, Colombia, the United States and Canada Nauru Email List. Today, it has an engagement on Facebook of 0.37 (and 6,336 followers), as well as 0.47 on Twitter (and 2,386 followers). As for the rest of the networks, we observed 12,353 followers on Linkedin and 89 on YouTube.

12- Marketing Surfers
Marketing Surfers, a digital marketing agency based in Madrid, Córdoba and Canada, with more than 150 projects from more than 50 sectors, falls slightly a few points in relation to our 2019 ranking: specifically, 5. Marketing Surfers has 0.11 engagement on Facebook and 0.14 on Twitter. In terms of number of followers, we are talking about 15,780 on Facebook, 6,026 on Twitter, 564 on YouTube and 2,264 on LinkedIn.

13- Ontwice
Ontwice has only lost one position since our last ranking of the best Social Media agencies in Spain. It has offices in Spain, Mexico and Colombia working with clients such as Mahou and Hawkers. Ontwice has reached 1,639 followers on Twitter, 3,488 on Facebook, 444 on Instagram, 34 on YouTube and 2,714 on LinkedIn. Regarding their engagement levels Nauru Email List, we speak of 2.33 on Facebook and 0.92 on Twitter.

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The Italian Alkemy buys the Ontwice group to expand in Spain and Latam

14- Berepublic
A drop of quite a few positions for the seven-seat digital marketing agency Berepublic that, from being in position number 24 in our 2019 list is now at number 31, possibly because its engagement levels are not as high as we would like. For its part, in terms of followers of LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, it stands with 7,789, 2,357, 691 and 3,275 respectively Nauru Email List.

15- AB Social Media
The AB Social Media agency, which, incidentally, is a new addition to our 2020 list of Social Media agencies, is defined as a Digital Marketing and Web Design agency located in Albacete. Its number of followers is 4,076 on Twitter, 153 on LinkedIn, 2,147 on Facebook, 1,348 on Instagram and 2 on YouTube and, in this first year of inclusion in the ranking, it occupies position number 32. In terms of engagement levels, we speak 1.85 for Facebook, 0.05 for Twitter and 10.56 for Instagram. For its part, regarding TikTok, we observe that it does have a profile, although -still- no activity Nauru Email List.

16- Yslandia
Dropping from a fifth position in 2019 to a 32 in this, we find Yslandia, a Spanish agency specialized in strategic and business development, with offices in Barcelona, ​​Madrid and Bogotá. Yslandia has 6,624 followers on Twitter, 6,237 on LinkedIn and 1,864 on Instagram. Surprisingly, no: we have not found a profile on Facebook. Regarding their engagement levels, we have only been able to calculate the one that corresponds to Twitter, which is equal to 0.86.

17- Walterman
Walterman defines himself as a Strategic Marketing consultancy and reaches number 34 on our list, dropping one position in relation to 2019. It has offices in Madrid and Alicante and its engagement levels are: 3.68 for Facebook, 10, 18 for Instagram and 3.95 for Twitter. In terms of followers, we are talking about 431 followers on LinkedIn (wow! Almost 400 more than in 2019), 348 on Facebook, 613 on Instagram, 144 on Twitter and 9 on YouTube.

18- Lift
A new addition to our 2020 Social Media ranking is the Lift agency, specialized in SEO and Digital Marketing, with more than 15 years of experience. In our ranking this year, it occupies position number 34 -eating with two more agencies- and already has 3,544 followers on Facebook, 2,843 on Instagram and 3,710 on YouTube. For its part, in terms of engagement, we speak of 0.01 on Facebook and 3.02 on Instagram.

19- Hydra Social Media
The Hydra Social Media agency has dropped quite a few positions compared to the results of the previous year, in 2019, when it was placed in a position number 12, compared to the current 34; which, in addition, it shares with the two previous agencies Nauru Email List. He has a number of 6,550 followers on Twitter, 7,265 on Facebook and 2,214 on Instagram. Regarding engagement, we do not have enough information to calculate any of its values.

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20- GoOne
The Digital Marketing agency located in Madrid, GoOne falls 3 places in relation to the previous year, placing it in 37th place, compared to 34 in 2019. Currently, it has 60 followers on Twitter, 122 on LinkedIn, 145 on Facebook, 6 on YouTube and 71 on Instagram. Regarding engagement, we are talking about 0.99 on Facebook and 77.46 on Instagram.

21- MarketiNet
The Madrid agency MarketiNet, a new addition to our 2020 ranking at position number 37, is an agency specialized in Digital Marketing 360, with a presence in Spain and the United Kingdom that already has more than 15 years of experience in the sector Nauru Email List.

22- ShowerThinking
ShowerThinking comes in at 39th place, up from 32nd it was last year and 28th the year before. This Inbound Marketing agency has services for Spain and Latin America. To date, he has amassed 2,194 followers on Twitter, 1,013 on Facebook as well as 2,938 on LinkedIn.

23- Ozone
Finally, we come to Ozono: the Social Media and Online Marketing agency that occupies the 40th position in our ranking, compared to 31st in 2019. It has worked with brands such as Carrefour and Bancaja among others and has 986 on Facebook, 433 followers on LinkedIn, 844 on Instagram, 954 on Twitter and 8 on YouTube. Regarding engagement, in relation to Instagram it stands at 17.05 and on Twitter we speak of 0.07.

2019 ranking of the best Social Media agencies in Spain
By clicking here you can analyze the ranking of Social Media agencies from last year Nauru Email List, which is easily comparable given that the results and statistics are based on the same criteria, despite the fact that in 2019 we did not include YouTube and TikTok followers.

Ranking of the 30 best Social Media agencies in Spain (2019)
2018 ranking of the best Social Media agencies in Nauru Email List
You want to know more? This was the ranking of Social Media agencies 2018, which you can check in its full version at this link.

However, the criteria that we use in our 2018 list are quite different from those used in the two subsequent years, since -in this one- we value the engagement that clients presented with the social networks of each agency, because, without a doubt, We have to say that engagement is also extremely important for brands, since it is identified with interactions, with reactions and with conversations between brand-client.

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