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Twitter, mobile phones, and Big data monopolize social media trends for 2014

Taking into account that 2013 was a key year in the world of communication, there are many changes that can be expected in 2014. With the smartphone market already consolidated and the growing trend of spending hours listening and talking on social networks – whether from a mobile phone, a tablet or a computer – it seems undeniable that, during the coming year, these platforms will continue to be great Denmark Mobile Database allies of communication. Katy Hoffmann, director of business development for Spain of the E.Life group reveals some of the trends in social media that will mark this 2014.

  1. Monitoring in social networks: from brand-centered to consumer-centered

In 2014, the monitoring rules will change and brands will focus their attention on the consumer. Companies, understanding that there are no mono-brand consumers, must isolate consumer groups and understand their journey through brand mentions, check-ins, purchase wishes, and habits.

  1. El año de la publicidad en Twitter

Despite the negative predictions of some experts, Twitter will become stronger in 2014. Its IPO will lead to a greater number of strategic alliances with the media, which will attract a growing number of users. The use of hashtags in â €  ‹â € ‹ television programs such as La Voz and Big Brother already create a calling effect that will attract the attention of advertisers.

When it comes to spreading news instantly, it is undeniable that Twitter is king. Starting in 2014, when the Twitter Adds platform will be available in several countries (including Spain), millions of people will consume ads on this social network.

  1. Union of Big Data and social networks
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Although the conversation around Big Data was important during 2013, this technology had few practical applications, so it is expected that from 2014 the union of social networks and Big Data will take place. Thanks to the accumulation of data collected and analyzed by companies dedicated to social media, and given the tendency of consumers to share more and more information about themselves, companies will have an increasing volume of data. This data, which for the first time will come mostly from social networks, will further contribute to the generation of actionable insights and a better understanding of the consumer journey and its brands.

  1. El móvil deja de ser promesa

During 2014, the need for a strategy to create, distribute and capture the attention of the consumer will become clear. It is precisely here where mobile applications play a fundamental role. The

Brands will finally understand that they need much more than just random application development and will focus on making well-designed and useful applications available to customers. They will also understand that apps are means of communication and as such must have a long-term strategy.

Denmark Mobile Database
  1. Social Targeting and the new marketing

With the implementation of Social Login (connection by login through the user in social networks such as Facebook or Twitter) the retail sector will be able to collect more social information from the consumer that, combined with the information collected by monitoring, can provide merchants with a closer and personalized management of your clients. Therefore, the traditional login should be replaced by connections from social networks. This for marketing constitutes a door to consumer data and the beginning of a more personal relationship.

  1. It was the turn of Social Politics
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Social networks are already a consolidated channel between politicians and their constituents. In recent years, a trend began that will continue in 2014: mobilizations and demonstrations will be called through social networks. In addition, political campaigns will have to take into account the strong public opinion generated through the Internet.

  1. The second screen audience

The tendency of users to comment through social networks about what they are watching on television saved some programs and television series from being canceled in 2013. This “second screen” trend will be accentuated during 2014, prompting advertisers and audience measurement companies to pay more attention to these new formats. It is also foreseeable that both programs and advertising formats make increasing use of hashtags and trending topics.

  1. Fin de la nota oficial

In 2013 there were several major corporate crises. However, these crises were positive for the strengthening and maturation of the communication, customer service and marketing areas of the companies that suffered them.

Thanks to this, in 2014 the elaborate Brother Cell Phone List language of official notes will lead to more “social” formats such as videos, posts or infographics, and conversations will have a human tone. This change will mean a notably more efficient management of crises in social media.

  1. Lower linear media consumption

The growth in the number of accesses to YouTube, which today has close to one billion unique monthly users, as well as the online programming of traditiona

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