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Video Marketing – 3 Tips That Will Help You Make Good Videos

A very effective way to drive traffic to your website is by making videos, many people especially those who are new to video marketing feel a bit uncomfortable with this. To be frank with you, for me it is easier to make a 5 minute video than to write 5 lines in a text, it may sound a little weird but it is true.

If done in the right way, videos can do a lot in building trust and credibility for your website Grenada Email List and business, and it’s free.

Once you have read the advantages of doing video marketing, it would be a big mistake if you did not start making videos to make yourself known to your prospects and do not take this marketing strategy into account.

To make a video you must have something to say or offer, and I guarantee that everyone has something to say, no matter how simple the topic you are dealing with in your video is, you will be surprised how many viewers will see your video.

Try to be as natural as possible that your viewers see you confident in what you are saying and if there is an error, you get stuck, you hesitate for a moment, leave your video like this, people like to see ordinary people, with defects and mistakes, they will identify with you.

Studies have shown that having a landing page with a video converts more than a landing page without video, think about this for a second. Wouldn’t you like to see a video that explains how to do something, instead of reading the same information? When people watch videos, they stop for a moment, they get comfortable, they relax because Grenada Email List they know that it is easier to watch a video than to read.

But to get the best out of video marketing Grenada Email List I leave you these 3 simple tips to make your videos:

Tip 1.- Many entrepreneurs fall into the trap of making long videos, a video of 5 to 6 minutes can cover a lot of things, the first 30 seconds of the video are crucial for the viewer to decide to continue seeing what you have to say or no, in those 30 seconds you must prove to your viewer that your video will provide useful information.

Tip 2.- When recording your videos, try to be as normal as possible, be fun, that people appreciate that you like what you are doing, in terms of the way you dress my advice Grenada Email List is to be as casual, make it your viewers identify with you as a normal person.

Tip 3.- Look directly at the camera, that your spectators see you in the eyes, speak as fluently and clearly as possible, it would not be bad if you made some movements with your hands or with your body to express what you want to say, no you want your viewers to get bored and walk away. If you follow these 3 basic tips, I can assure you that your video marketing campaign will bring you much more value than you can imagine.

Elevator Pitch or Elevator Speech
Every salesperson knows that in many cases sales are not made inside the office or on the street where time and resources depend on one. Sometimes sales are made in places where one cannot imagine and where all skills have to emerge to achieve the goal, that is why every salesperson is made and not born, skills must be developed to generate sales to be made in the most unexpected moments and thus have the same success as if it had been arranged in the office.

Elevator Pitch or Elevator Speech, is a term used by Americans as a way by which a seller (regardless of their nature, entrepreneur, businessman, employee) shows and generates Grenada Email List a type of impact and interest in an investor with an idea in a simple, clear and concise way in the time it takes to go in an elevator from the Lobby to the 8th floor approximately; this time can vary from 30 seconds to 2 minutes. In this time you can sell a product, a brand, a person or a project.

Remember that the tools do not sell by themselves, so do not base your sales on aids such as laptops, cell phones, cameras, brochures, because on certain occasions you will not be able to have them at your fingertips and that is why it is necessary that you develop your ability to put idealize the buyer about what you sell.

The first thing that you must identify as a seller of your idea, product, service, brand or project are its characteristics and the benefits generated by it (it is recommended to be clear about the competition if it exists, to be able to compare it, it is recommended never to speak disparagingly of your competition). Remember that you are not making a sale per se, because it is not a “sales pitch”, your objective is to generate interest in the angel investor or ally to be heard, it is to awaken that interest in your idea or whatever it is you are talking about. , that’s why it needs to have a hook, something that attracts you to listen to it.

In order for you to be prepared, you must begin by answering these questions:

What is your product or service? (That sells)
What is your market? (It is a product or service, what is your industry and how wide is your market)
What is your business model? (Where does your income come from or will come from)
Who is in front of the company. (After the head, not the tools he has).
Who is your competition. (Analyze if it has and how are you in front of it).
What is the advantage of your competition. (What do they have that you don’t have, in distribution channels, money, products …)
How will your product or service impact the market?
The previous questions have to be answered in detail but they have to be used in a very summarized and simple way when the situation arises, do not go into detail in any of these because again your objective is to CREATE INTEREST IN YOUR RECEIVER AND YOUR MAJOR CONTRINCANT IS TIME.

After having generated all this interest and having been able to speak with the person of your interest, the way to evaluate your conversation or speech is by making an appointment, delivering a cover letter in order to present all your information and thus be able to close your business .

This type of conversation or speech is totally valid for other types of moments when you are on the street and the person of your interest is doing some type of activity but gives you a similar time to talk with her.

Do not let your client or investor go, with more questions than answers, but your task has been poorly performed. Moments of truth come when you least expect them, so be prepared.

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