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What Are Ad Swaps and How Can I Use Ad Swapping To Build My Email List

An “Ad Swap” is when two marketers whose list share similar interests, exchange an offer that they then promote to each others list. (If one marketer has a much larger list than the other, the one with the smaller list may need to email the offer out twice, to send a fair amount of traffic.)

Swaps are nothing new in the internet marketing world and it is probably one of the fastest ways to grow your list for FREE. While some marketers swear by Ad Swaps you want to be careful because sending too much “junk” offers just for the sake of swapping can devalue your email list and increase your unsubscribes if you are not careful.

You must remember that your goal is to build a meaningful relationship with your subscribers and provide the best value at all times. I’m one who really believes that it is not the size of your list that email list free download makes you the most money but how responsive your list is determines how much money you make online. So remember at the end of the day it’s still about relationship marketing and if you give away enough awesome content to your list, they will have no choice but to care what you have to say.

They will listen to you, they will respond to your offers, buy your recommended products and they will download everything that lands in their inbox. When you are doing an ad sway you are essentially letting another marketer “borrow” your subscribers and they are doing the same.

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So What Is Ad Swapping and How Do I Use To Build My List

When used correctly and in moderation Ad Swaps have proven to be an incredible strategy you can use to easily build your list fast.

The great thing about Ad Swaps is that they are absolutely free, so there is no need for you to have some big marketing budget, and you get people on your list who you know have an interest in the topics of your niche.

How To Get Started With Ad Swaps

Before I go into the details of getting started with Ad Swaps, you need to know that you can’t do Ad Swaps unless you have a at least a few hundred people on your list.

Very few people unless they have a really new or small list like you will be willing to do a swap if they’re going to get less than a dozen subscribers from it. So I recommend you work your butt off to generate a list using other strategies like Facebook marketing, YouTube marketing, Blogging until you’ve built up a list of about 300 subscribers. You’ll find plenty of other marketers that are just getting started who’d be happy to do a swap with you.

The idea of Ad Swapping is to do Ad Swaps with other marketers who have a similar sized list as yours. Otherwise, you will need to match clicks, meaning you agree on a number of clicks, just like with Solo Ads. This way, if one person has less subscribers than the other, he or she will continue to send emails until the number of clicks are matched.

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So that is why it’s important to work with partners who have similar sized lists. If you have 5000 subscribers and the other has 7500, you look at each other’s average click through rate and agree on a number of clicks. If on average you can deliver 250 clicks and your partner can deliver 400. You can agree to send a second email to a smaller portion of your list until the 400 clicks are matched.

Got it? Good!

This is one of the simplest strategies you can use to build your list for free. Ad Swapping and Solo Ads are two strategies that work hand in hand. And… If you’d like to build a list of say 75,000 people as fast as possible, I’d tell you to use solely Ad Swaps and Solo Ads to achieve that goal quickly.

The Difference Between Ad Swapping and Solo Ads

Ad Swaps are essentially Solo Ads… But instead of paying to have your email sent to someone’s list, you simply return the favor.Law of reciprocity! So bottom line is Solo Ads are PAID, Ad Swaps are FREE!

With all that being said, keep in mind that is you run too many Ad Swaps it can annoy and drive people away from your list. I know marketers who do Ad Swaps every day of the month. Some months they start with 1000 subscribers and end with 7500. That’s the power of what an Ad Swap can do to drive people onto your list.

HOWEVER!! I can guarantee my list of 1000 buyers bring me more money than their list of 7,500 because I have built a meaningful relationship with my list. Who wants subscribers who opt in only to ditch you after a month! So while BIG can be be GOOD, BIG is not always BETTER when you are looking at ” responsiveness” of your list. I know some marketers who have lists of 100,000 people plus, yet they get an average response rate of a few percent. That’s my warning! This is a very powerful strategy, so go try some Ad Swaps but be careful how much you use them.

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