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What to do to sell more and better? Importing companies

What should an importing company of electronic security products do to sell more and better?

Security products Denmark Email List (cameras, alarms, GPS, access control, among others), have a growing demand in our Latin American region.

The unfortunate increase in crime and the drop in product Denmark Email List prices are some of the reasons for the growth in demand, in a potential market that seems to have no limits.

Knowing how to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the market requires companies that adapt quickly to the context and innovative entrepreneurs who know the capabilities of their employees and work to enhance them.

Human resources are increasingly important when it comes to competing and generating business.

In the 21st century, products alone do not guarantee success Denmark Email List. They need to be accompanied by the added value that people provide.

Clients demand better personalized services Denmark Email List and companies that do not understand these changes are going to be left out of the game.

This is one of the reasons why importing companies of the same product differ from each other. The key is in the people (the human resource).

Some of the measures to implement to sell more and better are:
1- Develop new distribution channels:

  • Wholesale businesses: They serve retail businesses and monitoring and / or surveillance companies. They have stock of products Denmark Email List and reach hundreds of customers. They provide advice on products and train on their usefulness. They also provide financing and guarantees.

They look for products that are reliable and provide a good contribution margin, with high turnover.

  • Retailers: They serve end users and private installers and have a stock of products for sale.

They work with locals on the street, they have the possibility of demonstrating the products. The influence of the counter salesman on the purchase is very important. It is important to carry out courses and trainings on the counter staff, to encourage the sale of the products Denmark Email List. The presence of the products in the window and within the sales premises, facilitates the sale.

  • Private surveillance companies: they reach the corporate client, since they provide physical surveillance. They know the needs of their customers and electronic security products Denmark Email List are the ideal complement.

There are more than 1000 legally registered surveillance companies, only in the Argentine Republic.

Electronic security adds value and loyalty to customers.

The technical department is the one that defines the purchase of the products. It is necessary to work on the technicians who carry out the installations Denmark Email List and programming of the equipment.

  • Monitoring companies: There are companies dedicated to monitoring alarms, images and satellite monitoring of vehicles.

They serve the private end user and companies.

They are also linked to the needs of their customers and are the ideal channel to market new electronic products.

The technical staff is the one who defines the purchase and the one who is most reluctant to change. Once the sale is achieved and they become Denmark Email List familiar with the products, they do not allow the entry of new suppliers.

  • Internet: the direct sale of products over the Internet is one of the fastest growing channels. Consumers use it more and more, given the facilities it offers and allows them to reach the entire region, with lower costs.

The option of the shopping cart and a site that allows you to pay for purchases safely, makes it possible to market 24 hours a day.

The distribution and delivery of the products Denmark Email List, it is advisable to outsource it to companies dedicated exclusively to this task.

  • Private installers: they have links with private users and enjoy their trust. They arrive at small volumes of sale. In many cases, they define the purchase and are the ones who look for differential characteristics in the products they install. Products that require greater ease of work are preferred by them.

Providing courses and training for installers is key to differentiate a product and position it in the market.

Each of these channels has the function Denmark Email List of adding value to the product and reaching the end user in the different places of the region.

One of the keys to business success Denmark Email List is knowing how to determine how the customer buys and what benefits they are looking for in the products.

If these details are known, the offer will be directed to satisfy these specific needs.

2- Invest in advertising

In graphic media:

Advertising the products in magazines aimed at the security sector and publishing explanatory notes on the advantages of the products Denmark Email List sold is essential to reach the thousands of potential buyers. The presence in the media, prioritizes the products and facilitates their commercialization.

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