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leads are qualified. This is why lead nurturing is crucial . Related article: 4 pillars to design an effective lead strategy. Because leads can come from different sources such as: organic, social, referral, paid, offline traffic, etc. And they can also have different purchase intentions (cold, hot), this work of caring for, serving and nurturing leads to only filter the most qualified leads to the sales team, depends on a good marketing initiative and coordinated work with the sales. Now let me show you five modern ways you can use with your marketing team to generate quality leads for your sales team. 1.Ebooks These work perfectly especially in niche industries where people love to read and gain knowledge.

Make sure you don’t use them to promote your services or products. People don’t want to be sold, they want to be informed. So write from a neutral perspective and give easy-to-digest information. Share the ebook Lithuania whatsapp number list on your social networks and ask people who download it to do the same. I recommend that you read the following post: How to use ebooks within a sales strategy. Distribute the ebook using a landing page where there is a form that asks for the visitor’s name, email, and phone number in exchange for downloading the ebook . These types of landing pages can be easily built with tools like Unbounce . 2. Blog Having a blog is one of the best lead generation tools you can use, as it not only allows a company (or person) complete control of what is said.

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but also an opportunity to have the full attention of the reader. Make sure your blog has a section to capture subscribers and by using calls to action invite your readers to download premium content offers . Don’t use the blog to talk about how great you are! Focus on creating content that adds value to your potential client. Check this article if you are still not convinced why using a blog is a great opportunity. 3. Networking events While a lot of action happens in the digital world, the real world offers plenty of advantages – especially networking events . Even events that are not directly related to my business have provided me with some of the most valuable leads and contacts. For example, when I am invited to speak about Inbound Marketing,

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at the end of the event I invite the audience to follow the company’s twitter, We have configured our twitter account so that every time a new follower arrives , a direct message is automatically sent to them, inviting them to download the presentation. That way I turn an assistant into a valuable contact. 4. Develop engaging videos People want to be entertained by videos. Please don’t produce another terrible commercial on YouTube. The world doesn’t need more of these. So spend some time developing a great idea that promotes your business and aligns with what your customers want. Once you’ve uploaded your video, you can make it go viral by using services like Stumble Upon to drive traffic to your video, as well as other popular social networks like Instagram and Twitter.

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Take advantage of the fact that YouTube allows you to put links directly in the video to take your subscribers to specific landing pages on your website. 5. Webinars Webinars are a cheap way to get your message out to thousands of potential customers. There are many services that allow you to stream a webinar quickly and easily. If you are going to use it, my recommendation is that you do it on a recurring basis, remember that consistency is one of the solid strategies to grow your audience. You can create webinars to solve the doubts that your potential clients have at each stage of their purchase journey and in an interactive way help them breaking the traditional communication media. Include a “Question and Answer” session at the end of the webinar,

invite attendees to download an e-book, sign up for your. Newsletter, or visit your website. To continue researching how you can help them solve their problems. This will keep potential customers engaged even after the event is over. 5. Bonus track: Capture leads by combining traditional and digital advertising. Due to the generalization of Internet access and the growing. Use of mobile devices in our market. I recommend launching lead generation campaigns in which. For example. One of the best ways you can take advantage of traditional media advertising is to. Place calls to action that invite your audience to sign up for. A website, providing basic personal. Data in exchange for free samples or special offers.

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