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Why Do Business Online on Facebook Social Network

Internet technology is becoming fashionable to socialize with a click. It seems like a joke, but it is happening right now and only in the social network facebook are more than 500 million people sharing all kinds of information, games, videos, music, etc.

In every society there is consumption, and digital societies do not escape consumption. So socializing can be great business, your “social personality” is business. To do business online on the social network facebook, you just have to build strong and lasting relationships by sharing what you like the most about your world.

The social network Facebook allows you to add all the people in your email account, look for classmates, work, friends that you stopped seeing for a long time, someone you met on a trip and especially that person you want to meet .

A social network is not exactly for doing business, but it is normal for one to start on social networks doing what he knows: trying to sell. But keep in mind that people run to social networks to be in contact with friends, acquaintances and virtual friends, that is, they go with a strong social motivation.

In every society you do business with people, with a mass of people, and a social network like Facebook is no exception. But we repeat the goal is to socialize. What could interest your business contacts? We are all interested in offers.

When we see a light shine, we always wonder how it shines? We also want to shine,

The facebook search engine allows us to find people anywhere in the world, it allows us to find profiles in which we are interested and add them to share information and establish alliances.

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The facebook wall allows us to open conversations and follow the thread with countless people from whom we learn about what they say and are interested in our opinions. Remember that relationships are first and then business comes by itself.

Entering a social network to do business Guyana Email List on the Internet requires us to treat our relationships in a professional way, we come to serve and gain trust. We came to show our profession and put it at the service of those who need it, making yourself known as a specialist is the best way to win contracts.

A social network allows us to achieve good traffic to our business page, it also allows us to adjust the information we provide to the preferences of our public. It even helps us to be aware of the latest trends and to participate in their dissemination.

Thanks to the fact that I share information about this blog on social networks, in just 10 days I have been able to see that my blog is already indexed in Google and has risen very quickly in the ranking of Web visits.

I repeat, to do business you have to master communication tools and exercise your “social personality”, Internet technology is at our disposal. Know that even the president of the United States is giving special importance to his relationship with people through social networks.

MBA students often don’t realize this. For example, in workshops Guyana Email List at a prestigious business school, students are asked to list the qualities that a successful business leader should possess. Although business acumen and acumen are invariably some of the qualities listed first, honesty and responsibility emerge only after lengthy discussions. Meanwhile, when asked to list the characteristics they value most in people, compassion, integrity, and responsibility often top the list.

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We need to better prepare our students for leadership. This requires creating a deeper understanding of the difficult situations they will face, in many cases under great pressure. It is essential to make them understand that these decisions will test their values, and that Guyana Email List, consequently, they need to know clearly what the values ​​are with which they identify. It is important that they participate in an ongoing dialogue with classmates, teachers, and alumni, and that they learn to hold themselves and their colleagues accountable for the commitments they make.

Our conclusion is that the best way to achieve this is through experiential learning. Better to make MBA students viscerally aware of the tendency to compartmentalize Guyana Email List values ​​and consequently how vulnerable they are to ethical violations in difficult situations.

Through this process, MBA programs can use the small group structure they deploy for study groups to generate a deeper dialogue among students. Schools should do more to ensure that this dialogue becomes an ethical support structure after graduation. Alumni occasionally mention that

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