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Why Squeeze Page Design is Important in Building an Emailing List

Squeeze page design is of extreme importance in building an emailing list, and a list is extremely important to your sales. Whether you are a Reiki master or a life coach, the money is in the list, and the larger your emailing list then the more sales you are likely to make. Why is this?

It has been established through years of experience and testing by many of the world’s best-known internet marketers that it takes a prospect around 7 – 8 views of a product before they decide to buy. That is a major reason for the repetitious nature of advertising, particularly TV advertising. Give up on your advertising before then and you are liable to lose most of your potential sales.

So how do you keep your products in the eyes of potential customers long enough for them to decide to purchase? For that you need an autoresponder.


Autoresponders enable you to design forms that will collect at least the first name and email address of visitors to your website and then, not only help in building an email list, but also send emails to your entire buy email lists by state list at pre-programmed times. You can also send individual mass mailings to the entire list if you have any special offers to send them and to keep your product in their view.

There are a number of different autoresponders on the market, and your web host might even provide one as part of your hosting package. If not, AWeber is regarded as one of the best and you pay according to the size of your list: the more emails you collect, the more you pay AWeber. That means that the cost will be zero until you start building your list, and then pay more as it grows (and hopefully you make more sales).

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Squeeze Pages

Whatever your main means of online advertising, PPC or article marketing, then you can direct readers to any page on your website through the URL you provide. In article marketing, for example, this will be through the resource, a section that is generally provided at the end of the article – most article directories offer a separate ‘authors’ resource’ box for you to offer more details about you and your website or products, including a link to your site.

Let’s say you have a website focusing on energy healing or life coaching. You write an article about an aspect of the topic, and then in your resource you should include a URL to page on your website containing a registration form. If your entire page is devoted persuading the visitor to fill in the form, it is referred to as a ‘squeeze page’.

Squeeze Page Design in Building an eMail List

Squeeze pages can be designed in a number of ways, although a good way is to offer a free report or short eBook on your main service or product. For example, you could offer a free report on “The 7 Levels of the Human Energy Field” or perhaps “The ‘Top 5 Energy Healing Techniques”. You could write 200 – 300 words on the topic, offering a brief introduction, and then an eBook cover graphic for your report.

Your article could be on ‘Energy Healing Techniques’ and your resource could offer a report on the top 5 techniques. (E.g. “for more details on energy healing, and a free report on the top 5 energy healing techniques, visit > http: //…).

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In other words, your squeeze page design is a short sales page for the report and then a form to get it. Also state that you will keep in touch with other information and offers on the same topic.

That is very important, because then nobody can accuse you of spamming them. In addition to the contact details, the autoresponder will keep a record of the respondent’s IP address so you can prove they filled in the form, and will also operate a double opt-in system, where the visitor has to confirm their registration through a confirmation link on a separate email. Once they do that another email will then provide them with their free gift.

This ensures that spambots cannot automatically fill in the form, and also that people must state twice that they want to receive your information. It is all security against you being accused of spamming. So you have the double opt-in and the IP address to prove that.

Keeping in Touch

You can now keep in touch by sending occasional mass mailings to everybody on your list. A good way to do this is, in addition to giving them the free report (or instead of), you can offer them a free 10-part course. Just write up 10 emails, each teaching them something about energy healing, reiki or life coaching – whatever is the topic of your original article and web page. Then program your autoresponder to send each out over a specific number days after the initial form has been completed.

This is easy to do, and as part of each email you can describe your product and how it will benefit their customer. You could offer a new benefit with each mailing. That way, you not only keep in touch with visitors to your website, but also let them view your product for the required number of times needed to persuade them to buy.

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Some people run different lists for each product – it is easy because the autoresponder automatically send out the emails, and you have very little administration to carry out. Make sure that you remove any who have unsubscribed, because you will still be charged for these by your autoresponder provider. Otherwise if your squeeze page design is good, you are all set to wait for the sales to come rolling in. Building an email list is very important to an online business: as they say, the money is in the list!

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